Decorating With Christian Art

Walking through our home is like walking

through the scriptures!  My wife was the first

one to buy a piece of Christian artwork and

we have collected it ever since that first

purchase. She saw a beautiful portrait by

William Hallmark entitled The Keys to Death

and Hell and it is now hanging in the family

room of our home. Christian artwork

is one way of sharing with people the love we

have for our Savior.

Our eldest son is an ordained youth minister

that has grown up with an impressive framed

picture of Christ calling the disciples to be

fishers of men hanging on his bedroom wall.

He told me one time that he used to try to

picture himself in that setting, and it was an

inspiration to prepare himself to the

challenges of working with the youth. We

actually bought him a wallet size copy of

that same picture so that he could carry it

with him while he was gone. It was to remind

him that he was truly a fisher of men, just like

the men called by Christ as His first disciples.

Homage by Danny Hahlbohm is a piece of

artwork that is a Christmas time favorite. It is

a picture of Santa Claus kneeling down at a

nativity scene and looking at the Baby Jesus.

It is a reminder to everybody that while we

live in the world we all need to worship the

Savior of the Earth.

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