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Angel On My Shoulder by Don Kloetzke, Angel Art, Breast Cancer Awareness

Monday, November 17th, 2008

Angel On My Shoulder by Don Kloetzke

Angel On My Shoulder by Don Kloetzke

Angel On My Soldier is a very unique piece of religious art that is rich with symbolism. The artist painted an actual statue of a guardian angel watching over the resting place of an eleven year old girl named Mamie, (there since 1873) to represent the hope of new life and a future for women with breast cancer.

The broken wing of the beautiful antique angel symbolizes the lost breast as a result of breast cancer, and the female cardinal on the angel’s shoulder symbolizes new life and hope for the future. The lovely shades of green can also be seen as a symbol of life in this poignant religious art piece.

Guardian of the Circle, Guardian Angel, Angel

Monday, October 27th, 2008

Guardian Angel, Guardian of the Circle, Angel Art

We have heard it throughout our lives, “Angels are Watching”.

Angel Artist, Sandra Kuck gives us her vision of one particular little Angel in “Guardian of the Circle”.

This bright little Angel stands on the edge of a peaceful pond, forever watchful over God’s creatures, protecting and keeping them safe from harm.

The painting may also remind us of how God cares for us, no matter how weak or small, and that we are all beautiful in His eyes.