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The Sacrifice by Kate Austin Christian Modern Art

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

The Sacrifice by Kate Austin

The Sacrifice by Kate Austin Chris

The Sacrifice by Kate Austin is a unique piece of Christian Modern Art with a powerful message. The simple cross and broken pieces give this religious art piece a kinetic feeling, as if they are exploding towards us.  One can appreciate the rich symbolism of how Christ broke His body on the cross as a sacrifice for mankind, and the illuminated background can be symbolic of Jesus’ resurrection and how He overcame death. The artist, Kate Austin, wrote this poem to accompany this christian modern art piece:

This is a hard piece
It was hard to make
It is hard to see
Jesus had never known sin
Or darkness within
He was clean
He chose to carry
The sin of all mankind
From the beginning of time
To its end
Our sin broke Him
Into a thousand pieces
It was a hard thing He did
Let us acknowledge humbly
And accept thankfully