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The Face of God, The Creation of Adam, Michelangelo

Friday, October 31st, 2008

The Face of God by Michelangelo

The Face of God by Michelangelo











The Face of God, from the Creation of Adam Source: Web Gallery of Art.

We so often see the entire painting of The Creation of Adam by Renaissance artist Michelangelo  or the familiar image of God’s hands touching Adam’s as He transmitted life into man. The image of the face of God depicted in this famous awe-inspiring piece of religious art gives us a glimpse of the face of God through Michelangelo’s eyes. Michelangelo possessed an incredible talent that allowed him to create lifelike and breathtaking images that reflected his mastery of human anatomy and movement, which we can sense even in this close up of the face of God.

As we focus in on the face of God in The Creation of Adam we are drawn into a strong, wise, kind face; one depicting human qualities with an unmistakeable divine nature. We can sense God’s determination and power as he is actually creating Adam, and thus beginning the entire human race. This stunning piece of religious art by Michelangelo engages both the mind’s eye and the soul.